About our company

established in the year 1966 we are specialised over the time in finding practical solutions for our customers. Today we are a competent partner of the local, national and international economy.

Peter Müller

Peter Müller

founder of the company

Our employees are highly motivated, have a faultless reputation and are appointed to the permanent staff of Peter Müller Spezialtransport GmbH. Our solutions are much more than only transporting the customers goods from A to B, we will bring the equipment out of your location - where ever it is - and bring it in - where ever it is. If the customer wants only one contact for the complete job - we will also take care of any de- and re-installation, maintenance-, service- and packing-needs during the movement. We can be your "full-service-partner" - if you want.
In case of requirement our customers can use in-house or open-air storage in our warehouse.

Our philosophy is very simple: Only a satisfied customer guarantees the future of the company !

As a small, family-owned company we are independent, neutral and highly flexible in solving the transport problems of our customers. We always will be personal on your side, before offering we will inspect the situation, we will calculate seriously and will give a fixed-price for the job without any risk to you. Use our experience, at Contact you will find your dialogue-partner at Peter Müller Spezialtransport GmbH.